Upcoming Litters

F1b (75% Bernese/25% Standard Poodle) Litters

  1. Zen and Tiberius’ Litter arrived 10/19/20 (Full)  See Puppies HERE!
  2. Litter expected late January 2021 Violet/Tiberius (Still taking Deposits)

Bernese Mountain Dog Litters

  1. Litter expected November 2020 Raja/Tiberius (Full)
  2. Litter expected July 2021 Jasmine/Still to be determined (Full)

F1 Bernedoodle Litters

  1. Litter expected in November 2020 (Full)
  2. Litter expected June 2021 Ava/Griffin (Still taking deposits)
  3. Litter expected August 2021 Armani/Griffin (Still taking deposits)


We do not breed mini Bernedoodles. For more information please send us an email !  Thank you. Send us a message with any questions, or to place your deposit for a future litter!

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