Upcoming Litters

F1 Bernedoodle Litter

(50% Bernese/50% Standard Poodle)

  1. Litter expected for May 1st 2021 Jasmine (Full)
  2. Litter expected for June 14th 2021 Ava (Full) 
  3. Litter expected for August 1st 2021 Daisy (Accepting Deposits)
  4. Litter expected for November 1st 2021 Berryessa (Accepting deposits)

F1B Litters

(75% Bernese/25% Standard Poodle)

  1. Litter expected late February 2022 Violet (Accepting deposits)
  2. Litter expected for October 2021 Zen (Accepting deposits)

Bernese Mountain Dog Litters

1. Litter expected for August 2021 Raja (Full)


We do not breed mini Bernedoodles.

Send us a message with any questions, or to place your deposit for a future litter!

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