Pickup and Delivery

At the exciting time when your puppy is ready to go home we have several options for pickup or delivery.

  • Personal Pickup
  • Fly Nanny Service
  • Cargo Delivery via Airline

Personal Pickup

You are welcome to fly or drive in to town to personally pick up your new puppy. If you fly, we can meet you at the airport with your puppy or you can drive from the airport out to where we are located.

Fly Nanny Service

We offer a fly nanny service in which the puppy would ride in cabin with a trusted individual for delivery to you at your home’s nearest airport. The cost of this service does vary and includes the $350 fee that we charge for the service, cost of the flight, a hotel for the fly nanny if necessary, puppy carrier, veterinarian health certificate, and any other fees and charges involved in the process. If you would prefer this service, please let us know as early in the puppy selection process as possible so there is time to make the necessary arrangements. Extra charges may be added if fly nanny plans are made late.

Cargo Delivery via Airline

Depending on the time of year, there may be the option to fly your puppy, in cargo, to your nearest airport. This option depends on the weather and any airline restrictions. Cost of this service varies depending on airline shipping charges and will also include the cost of the pet carrier and veterinarian health certificate.