Bernedoodle puppy Litter

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Miso and Hero’s Christmas Litter –

Born 10/23/23 Ready to go home December 18th, 202

Reverse F1b Bernedoodles (75% Bernese / 25% Poodle)

Daphne – Purple collar – Female – Furnished Coat (Available)

Diego- Black collar – Male – Furnished Coat (Available)

Douglas- Orange collar – Male – Unfurnished Coat (Available)

Dahlia- Pink collar – Female – Furnished Coat (Available)

Dalores- Yellow collar – Female – Furnished Coat (Available)

Dakota- Green collar – Male – Unfurnished Coat (Available)

Darcy- Teal collar – Female – Unfurnished Coat (Available)

Dante- Blue collar – Male – Furnished Coat (Available)

Damian – Brown collar – Male – Furnished Coat (Available)

When our reverse F1b Bernedoodles are born we genetic test them for coat type!
The Furnished puppies will have the longer, curly/wavy, “doodle coat”, and are low to non shedding. They do require frequent grooming.
The Unfurnished puppies have the Bernese Mountain Dog coat, and do shed. They require less frequent grooming than their Furnished brothers and sisters.