The Young Family
The Young Family

Our love of Bernese Mountain Dogs began almost 27 years ago with a very special dog named Saint. When our oldest son was born and we moved out to the country, one Bernese Mountain Dog became two and then three, and we founded Montana Berners. Over time, we expanded into the designer breeds when we realized the health benefits and longer life expectancy that is the gift of hybrid vigor in a cross. We adore our Bernedoodles and take great care in selecting a standard poodle heritage with the calm personality that we want in our dogs. Our smaller breeds, the Mini Bernese and Mini Montana Mountain Doodle offer all the amazing personality traits of the Bernese, combined with the hybrid vigor of the cross, in a smaller package.  

Bernese Mountain Dogs, or Berners, have an easygoing nature and are extremely loyal. They are completely dedicated to their families, create strong bonds with their owners, and are particularly good with children.

F1 Bernedoodles are the ideal companion dog. A (breed specific) health tested AKC standard or mini poodle crossed with an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog.

In our reverse F1b Bernedoodle (75% Bernese Mountain Dog/50% Poodle) litters we get a mix of Furnished and Unfurnished coats. We genetic test for coat type shortly after they are born. The Furnished pups have the low to non-shedding coat of the F1 Bernedoodle, and the Unfurnished pups look very similar to a Bernese Mountain Dog, but they have a longer life expectancy.