About Bernese Mountain Dogs



Bernese Mountain Dogs have an easygoing nature and are extremely loyal. They are completely dedicated to their families, create strong bonds with their owners, and are particularly good with children. Berners are known as big lap dogs. If you sit on the ground they will sit on your lap, and if you are standing they will sit on your feet.

Berners are incredibly beautiful dogs with their distinctive tri-colored coats. They thrive in cold weather, and have a double coat that does shed. One of the Swiss mountain dogs, they were originally farm dogs that pulled carts or drove cattle to market.  They are intelligent and strong, with a moderate need for exercise. They do very well in therapy work.

Overall, the Berner is one of the shorter-lived dog breeds, with a life expectancy of 6-8 years. Health issues that can affect the Bernese are hip and elbow dysplasia, inherited cancer, heart disease, or epilepsy. We do our best to ensure the health of every dog we breed.

Proper socialization is very important for these naturally cautious and reserved dogs. They can be stubborn, but are sensitive and have a deep need to please their humans. Training a Berner requires patience and a gentle hand.

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