Dew Claw Removal

Many dogs have an extra claw on the inner part of their front feet and sometimes one or even two on the inner part of their hind feet. These are essentially the thumbs and big toes of the doggy world. The dewclaws on the front feet are generally connected to the foot with bone and serve a purpose. When dogs run, their front feet often bend to the point where the dewclaws touch the ground and provide extra traction when running at high speeds or on slippery surfaces. The rear and double dewclaws tend to only be attached by skin and their purpose is less clear.

Front dewclaws should not be removed unless there is a very good reason, given their important function in dog mobility. Because of the rarity of hind and double dewclaw injury, the necessity of their removal is up for debate. Removal of hind and double dewclaws should be done when the puppies are under five days old and the area must be numbed with local anesthetic. As breeders we have chosen not to remove the hind and double dewclaws of our puppies due to the lack of medical necessity and possible psychological damage that early in life. The surgery for removal of dewclaws can be scheduled during the time your puppy is being spayed or neutered if you prefer no hind dewclaws on your dog!