Every one of the dogs in our breeding program is a part of the family. At Montana Berners we believe in responsible breeding practices and retire our dogs fairly early. When some of our dogs have completed their time as a mommy or daddy for our puppies we want to make sure they are able to retire to a wonderful home. These dogs will make loving additions to your family and they have healthy, quality genes. They are after all the mommies and daddies of our adorable puppies!

If you and your family would like to bring a dog into your family but aren’t sure about bringing a new baby home, consider adopting one of our retired dogs. These dogs are house trained, well socialized, and ready to love you forever! All dogs listed on this page are available to be homed!

We require a rehoming fee for our retired dogs. If you or your family are interested in adopting one of our retired beauties please contact us at for more information!