About The Breeders

Welcome to Montana Berners!

The Young Family

We have owned Bernese Mountain Dogs for over 20 years, and have a deep love for the breed. Our search for the ideal family dog, and desire to spend more time at home with our children started us on this journey. We live on 11 acres in Montana with our son, daughter, and our four legged family members.

Our dogs live in our home, and are socialized from birth by children, other pets, and the wildlife that frequently visit.

Several acres on our property are fenced, so our dogs have plenty of room to run and explore.  They spend cold winter nights in front of a blazing fire. In the summers we often visit the river, and go on hiking and camping trips.

We take pride in our dogs. We feed them the best food, spare no expense in their veterinary care, and have carefully selected each of them for temperament and genetic health.

We look forward to helping you find your next family member, and new best friend.


Tanner and Victoria Young