Puppy Checklist

Bringing home your new Bernedoodle or Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is very exciting. This new puppy checklist will help make sure you have everything you need so you are ready when you get home with your new puppy.

What we’ll be sending home with your puppy…

  1. AKC registration and AKC folder (for Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies).
  2. Information folder and Vet Record of first vaccinations and deworming.
  3. Puppy Toy and Blanket with mother’s and litter mates scent.
  4. Small bag of puppy food in case you need time to get to the store

What you’ll need…

  1. Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Puppy Food – We recommend sticking with this food at least for the first 6 months (especially for BMD puppies), with a slow transition if you change foods.
  2. NuVet Supplement (highly recommended for increased immune function, coat quality, and overall health) – you can set up an auto ship for 15% savings – all of our dogs take NuVet daily, and our puppies get it from 4 weeks, until they go home.
  3. NuJoint Supplement (highly recommended for healthy joints, especially for our BMD puppies)
  4. Puppy Chew Toys – make sure to choose sturdy toys
  5. Dog bed
  6. High quality Dog Dishes (no plastic)
  7. Large Crate with a divider – if you are going to crate train
  8. Soft Carrier that is Airline approved if you are going to be flying with your puppy – we have used this one in both medium and large. Large is preferred, but check with the individual airline about dimensions.
  9. A chemical free cleaner for any accidents – here is one of our favorites

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