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Welcome to Montana Berners!

Experienced breeders of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles in Beautiful Montana.

For more information call 406-414-6678 or send us an email at


Phantom Bernedoodle puppies coming soon!!! Berryessa is about to give birth!

We will keep you posted!!


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Upcoming Litters

F1 Bernedoodle Litters

(50% Bernese/50% Standard Poodle)

Accepting Deposits 

Litter expected for August 2022- Berryessa and Hero (Available)

Berryessa (Mother)
Hero (Father)

Litter expected for January 2023- Mocha Storm and Hero (Available)

Mocha Storm (Mother)
Hero (Father)

Reverse F1B Bernedoodle Litters

(75% Bernese/ 25% Standard Poodle)

Accepting Deposits 

Litter expected for October 2022- Zen and Hero (Available)

Zen (Mother)
Hero (Father)

Litter expected for December 2022- Violet and Hero (Available)

Violet (Mother)
Hero (Father)

Bernese Mountain Dog Litters

Accepting Deposits

Litter expected for September 2022 – Bonnie and Hero (Full)

Bonnie (Mother)
Hero (Father)

Litter expected for December 2022- Garma and Hero (Available)

Garma (Mother)
Hero (Father)

We do not breed mini Bernedoodles.

Send us a message with any questions, or to place your deposit for a future litter!

Reserve Your Puppy Today! 

Guardian Home!

If you or your family are local to Montana and think you would be a good fit as a guardian home for a Montana Berners dog or would be interested if an adult were to become available, please reach out to us at for more information!

Review pricing information!

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