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Montana Berners’ Dogs

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Finn the Bernedoodle – Montana

“Finn is a wonderful dog! She continues to amaze me every day. She is a quick learner and I just love her so much!! I am so thankful to the Young’s and their amazing dogs!!”

-Chelsey S.

You can follow Finn’s adventures on Instagram @finn_thebernedoodle


Moses the Bernese Mountain Dog – Montana

“He’s doing awesome! Training is going super well, and everybody always gives us such great compliments regarding him.”

-Brooks D.



Zoe the Bernedoodle – Washington

“Zoe has a playful, energetic and loyal personality. She makes sure to give cuddles every night before she retreats to her own space and is sure to greet us in the morning. She loves running at the dog park, but finds most comfort when she is near us. Zoe has been a great addition to our family, and I can’t imagine our household without our big bear.”

-Zoe’s Dad

You can follow Zoe’s adventures on Instagram @zoe_bernedoodle


Journey the Bernedoodle

“Our sweet pup, Journey, has been a great addition to our family. Having seven kids, we felt that they should have a dog as part of their childhood. Originally, we planned to get a Bernese. I just love that breed and how they are known as the “gentle giant.” When we went to visit this breeder, we learned they had a litter of Bernedoodles. We just fell in love instantly with one of the puppies. Also, one of our kids has a lot of allergies. We decided that this would be a great opportunity to still have a dog without so much sneezing and water eyes from allergies. So we picked our puppy and we are so glad to have her as part of our family. Journey is sweet with our children. She has an outgoing personality. While often stubborn with training, she’s also super lovable and sweet. She gets so excited to see me each time I am around. A big plus is that she doesn’t shed. My son can be around her without issues. I highly recommend this breeder. They were great to work with and the whole process when smoothly. Owning a Bernedoodle has been great for our family.”

-Carrie M.

You can follow Journey and her adventures on Instagram @journeythebernedoodle



Boz the Bernedoodle – Washington

You can follow Boz and his family’s AMAZING hobby farm on Instagram @wildchildfarm



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