Biting and Jumping

We all love puppies, with their adorable rambunctious personalities and their seemingly endless stores of energy. With that energy comes the tendency to jump and nibble. When they barely come up to your knees it is only a sweet and minor inconvenience, but as your pup continues to grow into a mighty Bernese Mountain dog or Bernedoodle the jumping and biting can become a nuisance. Their teeth go from tiny little chompers to big, potentially painful choppers if not properly trained or your adorable little rambunctious puppy could knock over a child or an elderly individual.


As with most training it is important to start young and consistency is key. If your pup is biting your hands or legs, gently hold their mouths closed just until it starts to become uncomfortable for them and firmly tell them no. Be sure to do this every single time they start to bite so they get the idea firmly ingrained in their little puppy brains that the only acceptable things to bite are their toys. Making sure your little pup has any biting under control could potentially save everyone from painful issues in the future.


First choose a command. Something you will use every time your pup is jumping up or getting a little too excited “Down” or “no jumping” are common. Starting young, any time your pup jumps up on you give them that chosen command and gently but firmly knee them in the chest. Not firmly enough to cause any pain but enough discomfort that they understand it is not ok. If you start young enough you should have no issues with jumping as they grow older.