Hypoallergenic Dogs- Pros and Cons

Hypoallergenic is defined as something that is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The reason we breed our F1 Bernedoodles is because they are low to non-shedding and less likely to cause an allergic reaction . In most cases, no dog is truly hypoallergenic because even with a Bernedoodle’s curlier coat, there is always the chance that they may shed a little bit, and anydog is also likely to pick up dirt and potential allergens outside. As a general rule though, the curlier the coat the lower the likelihood of shedding. 

Pros and Cons

There are both pros and cons to a low to non-shedding dog. Obviously the biggest pro is there there will be significantly less hair about your house or on your upholstery. The biggest con is that your curly haired non-shedding pup is going to need a lot more grooming.

When a dog sheds they tend to need less grooming as their coats are less likely to mat. They shed out excess fur and their coats tends to stay the same length. They do need brushing and there will be hair in places you probably don’t want it, including the occasional hair in your mouth. We definitely recommend investing in a lint roller. But with a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog, the hair is a lot more likely to get matted especially as it grows out. You still will need to brush your dog regularly, possibly daily, to avoid this. You will also most likely need to pay a professional groomer to cut your dog’s hair periodically, or learn how to do the job yourself.

Our Berners shed a lot, but as the seasons shift they get the appropriate coat they need for the weather. In the winter they have a thick undercoat to keep them warm and in the summer they have a much thinner coat to stay cool. Of course, this means during the spring, they will shed even more. In the spring, you will find that you can brush off enough hair to knit yourself a blanket or stuff a nice pillow. Here in Montana, we let our non-shedding doodles grow a nice long coat in the winter to stay warm. They don’t shed like crazy in the Spring, but they do go to the groomer to shave that hair down to a nice cool length for the summer. 

Bernese Mountain Dog or Bernedoodle?

Choosing a Bernese Mountain Dog means more shedding, and choosing a Bernedoodle means more grooming. For many people with allergies, a Bernedoodle is the answer to a prayer. The outstanding personalities, combined with the low to non-shedding coat makes for an absolutely delightful combination, and the perfect companion. For more information about Bernedoodles check out our About Bernedoodles page.